Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friendship and More

For seventeen years Brian and Melody McQuitty, pictured on the left, have operated the Friendship Coffee gathering on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at SPPC.  They have made countless pots of coffee, supplied a boatload of goodies, and welcomed newcomers and oldtimers alike to share a chat and a few laughs.  After all this time, they have decided to step aside.  Fortunately, Brian and Vivian Lawrence, pictured on the right, have taken up the mantel and Friendship Coffee will continue as before.
    I say fortunately, because this is one of those quiet ministries which fulfills a major role in our congregation.  One cannot overstate the importance of fellowship at SPPC.  Whether it is our demographic, our location, or some other reason, our members feel the need to gather together.  Friendship coffee provides companionship for those who are lonely, respite for those who are burdened, and a welcome for those who are strangers. 
      At one time Melody and Brian suggested the Friendship Coffee take a summer break.  They were quickly voted down.    
    While it is not a Presbyterian tenet that men and women should gather separately, Friendship coffee seems to divide into two groups.  Men talking about whatever men talk about and women chatting and knitting.  Melody must have learned her Sunday School lessons well, " In Works of Labour or of Skill I would be busy too: For Satan finds some mischief still for idle Hands to do."  I. Watts, for she has persuaded, taught, cajoled, nagged, . . . until nearly all the women knit while enjoying their coffee.  The products are often cotton dish clothes, which are delivered to the Compassionate Warehouse, for distribution in Africa.  These cotton squares, when washed and dried in the sun, are sterile enough to be used in surgery, where hospital supplies are sparse.  SPPC has sent thousands and thousands of them to needy villages via the McQuitty's and the Compassionate Warehouse.
   Those who aren't making cotton squares, are often knitting teddy bears.  Lois Shold has made 1000 of them herself, Hazel Taylor, 1300.  Again these are distributed through the Compassionate Warehouse wherever children are in need of a smile and a cuddle.  The output from our congregation is amazing.  Every three or four weeks Brian and Melody stuff their car with donated goods and head for the warehouse in Esquimalt.  
   There is also a saucer beside the coffee pot, to collect loonies and toonies.  Over time these donations add up and are given to PWS&D.
      We are grateful to the McQuitty's for their dedication and service and thankful to the Lawrence's who saw a need and stepped in to fill it.  Here's to Thursday mornings and a cup of coffee among friends.

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