Monday, October 13, 2014

The Case for Christ

  For the last two weeks, the Wednesday morning Bible Study group has done inductive studies of The Sheep and the Goats, Matt.25:31-46, and The Gift of Love, 1 Cor. 13.  Both are very familiar passages and it's easy to think they've nothing new to tell us, yet by applying the inductive method, we discovered surprising insights, especially the echoes of Revelation, which we studied last term.
Coming up we will follow a study based on the book by Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ.  This is an interactive study using video clips followed by small group discussion and large group discussion sessions.
 The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus | [Lee Strobel]
    Lee Strobel is an unlikely Biblical scholar, considering that he was an atheist who set out to disprove the "myth" of Jesus Christ.  Along the way, he became convinced that Jesus was no myth.  His book documents his own journey from disbelief to belief, from doubt to conviction.
    Strobel approached his subject like the newspaper man that he is, asking hard-nosed questions are insisting on verifiable answers.  He found them, both in Biblical references and from other ancient writings and artifacts.  If you've every been challenged to defend Jesus as a real person and the miracle of His resurrection as a real event, this course is for you.
    There are six sessions covering, "Looking for Evidence, "Eyewitness Evidence," "Corroborative Evidence," "Fingerprint Evidence," Evidence for the Resurrection," "Reaching your Verdict."  The study is open to all, and takes place at SPPC, Wednesdays at 9:30 am.
    Mr. Strobel's book, The Case for Christ, will be available for sale, but it is not necessary to the course.

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