Monday, January 4, 2016


(SM)2T.  No, we're not about to add math classes to our Sunday worship.  The acronym above stands for Malahat South Mission Study Team.  
  As we enter 2016 SPPC (along with four Presbyterian churches in Victoria and one in Sooke) is seeking new ways to engage with our community and to make a difference in the lives of those who live in our neighbourhood.
   It's an idea we'd all like to jump into, feet first, but no program can be effective without careful planning.  That's the job of the (SM)2Team.   Our minister and one elder have already been in discussion with representatives from the other churches.  On Dec. 17 a meeting was held at SPPC and interested congregants were invited to attend.  At that time we were given more information about the process.  To begin with, we need to create a congregational profile, to identify the gifts we have to offer.  We also need to study our neighbourhood to identify needs that SPPC could address.  This information is vital to defining the mission we finally undertake.
    There is another meeting on Wed. January 6, 2016 at 9:30 am.  Any member of the congregation is welcome to attend.  At that time we'll be getting down to the specific work of preparing church/neighbourhood profiles in advance of a visit by Rev. Bill Lawser.
     Rev. Lawser is a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  He was ordained in 1979 and served as a pastor in various positions.  Since 2000 he has worked as faculty at several sites for interim/transitional pastor education for the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Rev. Lawser has been hired by Synod to be a facilitator for the Malahat South Mission Study.  He will spend time with each of the six congregations in our study area. He will visit SPPC January 14 through January 16.  For the first days, he'll be gathering information, on the last day he'll lead an educational day on themes helpful to the study.  
    This is an exciting time for us -- a new year, a new mission, a renewal of the best parts of SPPC.  Please join in the work in whatever way you can.  Be a member of a committee.  Meet with Rev. Lawser.  Share your ideas with a member of session.  Pray for the team and their work.
    As Rev. Irwin said last Sunday, "put on your running shoes and get going!"

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