Monday, January 8, 2018


With the celebration of Epiphany on January 6, the twelve days of Christmas comes to a close.  Time to put away the decorations, take out the tree, catalogue the gifts and write thank-you notes. I generally let my new gifts sit under the tree from Christmas to New Year's--a highly effective method of procrastination-- but now comes the time for decision.  
Some of the gifts were edible so that makes life easy.  In fact, most of the chocolate is already consumed.  Apparently those gifts will be stored on the hips for some time to come.  
Candles have been lit and allowed to burn down.  
Socks!  This was the year of socks in my house.  I received several pair and I gave away a number.  Ever notice how gift ideas come in waves?  Anyway, I've cleared out worn out hosiery in my top drawer and found space for my many new socks.
Top of my wish list every year is books.  There was a stack of new ones under the tree, proof that Santa does read those letters. I'll have no trouble finding a place for new books on my shelves.
  Among the new volumes was Jan Karon's latest Mitford book, To Be Where You Are.  I've mentioned this author before.  We have a number of her Mitford books in our library.  She hasn't published anything new for a while, so I was glad to find the cast of Mitford characters back in their charmingly eccentric lives between the covers of a book.  
   There was a new, hand-made tree ornament.  I've quite a collection of those little gems now, some made by the donor, some purchased at a bazaar and wrapped up for me.  Each year I take out my mementos and remember the friend to gave it.  There is room in my Christmas storage boxes for such tokens of friendship.
   I'm happy to report I received no "practical" gifts like mixing bowls, or vacuum cleaners or toaster ovens.  Those are essential items for a household, and I'm happy to have them -- just not as gifts to me.  They are gifts to the kitchen!  
   One friend replaced a broken teacup in my good china.  I took that as a very personal and thoughtful present.  There's room for it in the china cupboard.
  So, I've done pretty well at finding space for my gifts.  But there is one more, one we all received,the most precious gift of all, Jesus, Emmanuel, God with Us. Comforter, Wonderful Counsellor, The Mighty God.  No trouble finding a place for Him.  Our hearts were designed to hold the Saviour.

   Happy New Year, Happy Epiphany, 

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