Monday, January 27, 2020

What a Party

We certainly welcomed 2020 in style -- 1920's style that is -- last Monday. The turn out was terrific. At the beginning of the month we worried if we could make 25 guests and in the end there were over 50. 

Thanks to everyone who made the effort to dress up. All those feathers and beads added a festive air to the proceedings. Congratulations to Tore and Jerusha for winning the costume contest.

Thanks also to Janet for persuading so many people to try their hand (feet?) at the Charleston. You all looked very impressive.

The caterers did a great job. I heard many expressions of relief from the usual kitchen volunteers that they could just relax and enjoy the lunch instead of serving and cleaning up.

All the streamers and vintage sheet music added a bit of interest, not to mention all the old 78 records on the tables.

Noel was emcee and kept us all entertained and the event moving along. The 1920's quiz was a good conversation starter and history lesson.

All in all, it was a great party. SPPC is a fun place to worship. Spread the word.

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