Monday, November 30, 2020

Advent One 2020

The link for this week's live-streamed service is:

 As we move into the season of Advent, we are blessed to have Pastor George Hodgson filling in at the pulpit. For anyone who has visited at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, George is a familiar face. Many know him from his previous guest stints at SPPC as well, but here is a little introduction anyway. 

2018 was my 30th anniversary at FCC (Friendship Community Church). It was the spring of 1988 when I began attending services, and within three years I was given the privilege of serving on staff as the associate to Pastor Ernie Kratofil, in April 1991. As a staff pastor I also began my service at Saanich Peninsula Hospital as a volunteer chaplain and have continued to this day. Upon retirement in 2007 I continued in various ministry activities such as Bible studies, prayer times, pulpit supply and funerals, etc. Another of the "hats" I wear at Friendship is property manager and you can often find me mowing, painting and going general maintenance here at Friendship most week days.
Welcome, Pastor George, and thank you for sharing the gospel with us at SPPC.   

Like all other churches in British Columbia, we are closed for in-person worship -- a hard restriction as we move into Advent. Let us pray that our live-stream services are a blessing to our viewers and that we will soon be able to gather again as a congregation.

Meanwhile, the worker bees were busy this week decorating the sanctuary. A scaled down effort this year but one that reminds us of "the Light of the World."

Find the sheep

Thanks to Jerusha for these photos. I'll post more in the coming weeks.

While we are unable to meet in person in the sanctuary, let us remember that "wherever two or three are gathered together, there God is in the midst of them." Not attending a church building does not mean we cannot worship. Tune in to our live-stream service, find a Bible Study on-line, set up a creche in your own home and read Luke 2 -- preferably in the King James Version. In our hearts and in our homes, we await the King.

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