Monday, January 10, 2011

Edna in New Zealand

Memories of New Zealand

Edna Kirk

A few years ago, after my husband retired from ministry, we had the opportunity on two occasions to go and work in churches in New Zealand. We spent 5 months in Central Southland Presbyterian Parish in Winton and six months in St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Invercargill. These were wonderful experiences among the warm-hearted people of Southland. In Winton we even had a “fairy” that delivered freshly baked bread and jam to our back door!
Being in a sheep farming area we were taken to see sheep being shorn and lambs being born. (Even though I was a midwife I wimped out at doing a delivery!!) As one saw Robin caring for his thousands of sheep one could not help thinking of the “Good Shepherd”. The sheep did not have names but they were individually known by the shepherd which was amazing. We also learnt that sheep cannot drink flowing water and would even die of thirst. That brought to mind the 23rd Psalm “He leads me beside still waters”.
New Zealand is a  beautiful country with very friendly people and it is now possible to fly direct to Auckland from Vancouver. We particularly enjoyed the South Island which made us think of our own Island and as  Butchart Gardens are known wherever you go in the world  we have had a number of the folk from Southland visit them with us.
Memories are made of this.

Edna Kirk enriches our fellowship at SPPC, often leads Bible Study and sometimes sings in the choir.  She also leads the Grief and Loss Support group.

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