Monday, May 16, 2011

What Men Want Most

    Have you looked up to the moon, on a clear night, and marvelled at the realization that humans have landed on its surface, and returned safely?
     I've been impressed, when visiting our favourite auto dealer's showrooms by the palatial aspect of it all.  Super engineering, total opulence!  Unquestionably the 'way to go.'
     Multitudes are led to believe in the invincibility of man.  that material satisfaction is everything!
     On August 18th the British Broadcasting Corporation gave to the viewing world the T.V. coverage of the royal wedding.  It was done impeccably.  More importantly than the pomp and ceremony, which in itself was awesome, was the statement made throughout; there is a factor in human affairs above the materialistic.
     We need to recover that dimension of faith, hope and spiritual values of the Kingdom of God.  Only the spiritual is eternal.  Only in God does anything have meaning.  Only when we are attuned to God, can we find inner harmony.

Peter Walden is a faithful member of SPPC, an author, artist,  teacher and ardent supporter of the choir.

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