Monday, June 6, 2011

The Secret of Confident Living

By Peter Waldin

   "Will you pray with me?"  Those five words, spoken by Hannelore, my wife, in the surroundings of a room in the palliative ward of a large hospital, will be remembered as some of the most important spoken between us.
     Somehow, at that moment, she realized the cardboard reality of much of our lives.  Where would prayer fit in?  In our suffering, primarily hers, she might have thought of the significance of the Psalmist's words.  It was not, "Thou shalt meet no evil."  But, "Thou shalt fear no evil."

   Lincoln said that when he prayed to God, "my mind seemed relieved and a way is suggested."  Lincoln maintained that, "I should be the veriest shallow and self-conceited blockhead if I should hope to get along without the wisdom that comes from God and not from man."
   That more than suggests that in the life of that great individual there was a secret to his confident living.

   Prayer is not magic.  It could be affirmed that it is alignment with God.  His Word claims that we have the privilege to talk to Him.
    Our life and living, the world, is too much with us.  It has been said of soldiers, that many found time to pray when "in a fox hole."  And no wonder!  Prayers were said, for all the world to see at the function of the royal wedding.  It lifted us above our normal mode of living.  Prayer is the secret of confident living.

Editor's Note:  My thanks to Peter for sharing his wisdom and his experience with this blog.

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