Monday, May 14, 2012

World Wide on the Web

by Alice Valdal

    One of the perks of maintaining this blog, is the chance to look behind the scenes.  I can discover how many times the blog has been viewed, what search engine was used to find it and where readers come from.  I've been amazed to find that we truly are world wide on the web.  News from SPPC has been read in Africa, Asia, Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and North America.  Just lately we've had a lot of visitors from Russia.  So, to all of you, welcome (Добро пожаловать, Recepción, Willkommen, Boa vinda, स्वागत-योग्य,  maligayang pagdating).
   I've recently had the privilege of singing, along with 120 other choristers, Beethoven's great "Ode to Joy" where he proclaims that "all men shall be brothers."  In his day, Beethoven needed a grant from the electoral prince of Bonn in order to travel about 450 miles from Bonn to Vienna.  The journey took weeks.  It might have seemed that Beethoven's dream of universal brotherhood in such a world was reaching for the impossible.  In our amazing technological world where we can communicate across continents and oceans in a matter of seconds,   Beethoven's dream seems more attainable.   We can put faces and names to our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world.
    So, for those far away from North Saanich, British Columbia,  I'm sharing a few of the faces of Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church.   The photo above shows our sanctuary.
  There are no stained glass windows in our church, but if you look through the plain glass on a Sunday morning, you will see this beautiful forest.

           Inside, you may find us debating in small groups like  this. 

Or in larger groups like this.


Outside, in a quiet spot is our Garden of Remembrance.

You can find out more about our church at our,

  Regular readers of this blog will know that I'm a keen participant in the Bible Study group that meets on Wednesday mornings.  Now, thanks to more technology, you can listen in.
  Click on this link and download any of the lessons.  Be patient, it takes time for the download to complete and it is only audio.  You'll have to look at the still photo above and imagine us all in action.  The study book we are using is John Stott's, Acts  Seeing the Spirit at Work, published by Inter-Varsity Press, Nottingham, England.

    This has been a quick snapshot of SPPC this week.  Thanks for dropping by.  If you like, click the comment button below and say hello.

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