Monday, November 26, 2012


by Anne MacKinnon

   When I think of moving there comes to my mind a nightmare vision of boxes.  These boxes invade my living space and sit, open mouthed, as it were, hungry for my treasures -- framed photos, books, papers, records, tapes, cassettes, cd's dvd's  -- all of which seem to have hidden themselves in odd cupboards since my last move.  Someday soon, I say to myself, I'll sort through these items and reduce them to more manageable amounts!
   Next follows the shock of kitchen cupboards and drawers filled with china, cutlery, small appliances and so on.  Boxes, more boxes!  And so it continues through all the remaining rooms.  Where did all this 'stuff' come from ?
   Years ago, I attended a lecture on "acquisitiveness" -- how we go through life collecting things we feel necessary to our well-being.  in so doing we create problems for ourselves as we have to find shelter large enough not just for ourselves, but for all our collected items.
  The emotional effect in moving is not always recognized but it is real.  Moving into the uncertainty of renting can be quite distressing.  It is said that after the death of a spouse or family member or a divorce, the next highest stress is created by moving.  However, in my case, stress was remarkably reduced because of the amazing help and support I received from my friends and family, and I thank God for them.  I could never have managed at this time of my life without them.
   When I was younger, moving seemed a great adventure.  I never worried too much about the upheaval involved, and indeed, found it quite exciting.  Nowadays it seems as if security and knowing that I have a place where I am comfortable and feel at home is all the excitement I need.
    My recent experience of moving, makes me feel very strongly about the homeless,  and what they face on a regular basis -- constant moving.  Affordable housing seems to me something that is one of the great needs in our community.

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