Monday, December 10, 2012

CITY LIGHTS - A Christmas Musical

   Hope most of you had a chance to enjoy "City Lights" live on stage at SPPC on Saturday night.  If you couldn't be there, here's a recap.

The residents of Dominion Crescent have entered the T-C Christmas lights contest for the best neighbourhood category.  They've decorated their street to the nth degree but one house remains dark.  Mr. Groves, a newcomer to the crescent obstinately refuses all requests for putting lights on his house, even if the others do it for him and someone else pays the hydro.
    You see, Mr. Groves has lost his son, a soldier.  They had harsh words before the boy joined up.  Consumed with regret and sorrow, Mr. Groves vows never to celebrate Christmas again.  Until a child visits him and talks about Jesus.  
    The miracle of Christmas touches the old man.  Lights begin sparkle on his house and in his heart. 
   I've posted some pictures.  Hope you enjoy them. 

As well as providing an evening of entertainment, the play raised $500.00 in donations to the Sidney/Lions Food Bank.

Thanks to all who helped, especially those who put on a lovely reception for after the play.

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