Monday, May 20, 2013

Modern Miracle

by Beulah Garrison

Many years ago, while serving as a missionary in a foreign country averse to the Gospel, an incident occurred that underlined God's promise, "Lo, I will be with you always," Matt.28:20  
The religious authorities in the country where we worked, became hostile over our group preaching salvation in Jesus Christ.  They persuaded the local authorities to issue an edict to kill us.  The orders were to be carried out at midnight, that day.
The president of the country was friendly toward us and had previously issued our visas of residence.  Unfortunately, he was on holiday and out of the country that day.  We missionaries had no recourse other than prayer to the Lord that our lives would be spared and we could continue to proclaim the Gospel.  The eight of us gathered together from our separate stations and spent the day in prayer.
Unexpectedly, the president of the country returned home that day, heard about the plot and issued a decree of religious liberty for the whole country.  At midnight, the eight of us heard the angry mob outside, but they did not come near us.  With grateful hearts, we praised the Lord for His deliverance.

Ed. Note:  I heard this story during one of our Bible Study sessions on Wednesday morning. The question we were asked to discuss was "Give one or two specific examples of how you have experienced the world's hatred as a Christian?"  While many of us have suffered insult or indifference when we declare our faith, this true life-and-death story left us humbled and grateful.  Jesus' promises were not only for a group of men long ago; they are for us today.  

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