Monday, November 18, 2013

Caring for Neighbours

   The news has been filled this week with images of disaster in the Philippines.  Many charitable organizations, including the Red Cross have launched special appeals.  Canada's DART team has been dispatched to help.  Food, medicine, water, shelter -- all are needed -- again.  
    The typhoon in the Philippines is just one more in a string of natural disasters.  Last summer there was flooding in Alberta, a landslide in India.  Before that a tsunami in Japan, an earthquake in Haiti. The list is endless.  The need persistent.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed.
  Yet God has told us to feed the hungry, Is. 58:10-11, to share the burdens of others, Gal 6:2, and to do good. Heb.13:16
   One way we follow those commandments is through the Presbyterian World Service and Development Fund.  Before disaster strikes, in the far-flung corners of the world, we are there   Before a particular crisis arises, we  have people on the ground, programs in place, connections with local churches and an understanding of the geography and culture.
    We also monitor where our aid goes and how it is used.  Last month, our congregation hosted a luncheon with Rev. Laura Kavanagh to learn about her work as part of an inspection team with PWS&D.

   On this occasion she shared her experience of visiting schools, hospitals and community centres in Afghanistan.  Child mortality is high in that country, and our church's support of pre-natal care programs is of great benefit.  Inspection teams, such as the one Rev. Kavanagh travelled with ensure that money donated through the church is put to the best possible use, that the programs we support bear real results and that services are delivered to those who need it most.

When news of the world seems an endless litany of grief, it is good to remember that every day our church is involved in feeding the hungry, easing the burdens of the poor and doing good.

The church is wherever
God's people are helping,
caring for neighbours
in sickness and need.
The church is wherever
God's people are sharing
the words of the Bible
in gift and in deed.

    ----- Carol Rose Ikeler

Note:  You may donate to relief in the Philippines through your offering envelope at SPPC.  Until Dec. 8, the federal government, will match all donations.

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