Monday, February 3, 2014


   Went to my favourite eatery the other day and discovered it nearly empty.  The menu hadn't changed, the chef hadn't changed and the wait staff hadn't changed.  Usually we have to stand in line for a table at this place.  "Where is everyone?" I asked.  "Gone to the sun," came the answer.
     Even though our weather is balmy compared to the rest of Canada, and despite the water board's grumbling about low levels in the reservoir, we must admit that Victoria can get a bit dreary in the wintertime.  Grey skies, a week of all encompassing fog, rain in torrents or rain in drizzle, it's still rain.  A perfect formula for the winter blahs.
 So, it's a good time to change things up a bit.  We did that last Sunday in church with a guest trumpeter to add a bright tone to the music.  We like our organ, but there's nothing like a bit of brass to make it shine.  Thanks to John for sharing his talent with us.
      Greeters at the door and ushers taking up collection weren't the usual suspects either.  Members of the Sunday school handed out bulletins, welcomed visitors and took up the collection.  Nice to see them starting young.  I went to a funeral this week of a man who had served as head usher in his church for sixty-five years.   He was the face of welcome in that congregation, knew everyone by name, knew who needed a large print bulletin, who needed a hearing assist, and who needed help to stand.  Maybe one of our youthful ushers from last Sunday will follow the example of my friend.

     We also heard from Max and Felicity on their trip to Vancouver to explore opportunities for mission.  They returned home fired with zeal and a long list of possibilities. Stay tuned to this blog for more on that.
   If you've got the winter blahs but a trip to a sunny clime is not in the cards, try going to church.  Whatever the weather, the Son shines here.

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