Monday, July 7, 2014

by Felicity Smith

   After much consideration, Maximillian, Diane, and I, Felicity, have decided to join with another local team to embark on a mission trip. This trip will take us to San Pedregal, located in the Dominican Republic during March of 2015. 
     In the past this group has helped to build homes for the most needy in their community, as well as other buildings used to serve their community. They also run an afternoon program for the children; allowing the team to make personal connections, while bringing some joy into all of the children’s day.
    During the next few months we will be doing a fair number of fundraisers, including, bake sales, a BBQ, a “variety talent night”, a Silent auction, a Strawberry Tea, and a Bridge Luncheon. With these fundraisers, we hope to include the community  that surrounds us our church, inviting them into our church home to participate in these events.
    We welcome you all to attend our first event on July 19th, a Strawberry tea. For information on this event and to purchase a ticket call the church office at 250 656-2241
    For more information on following events and the mission trip itself, feel free to talk to Max, Diane, or myself after the service any Sunday.
    Thank you all for your support as we embark on our journey of a life time.

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