Monday, July 21, 2014


The strawberry tea on Saturday afternoon can be counted an all around success.   From the beautifully decorated hall to the plates of delicious food to the wonderful piano music, everything worked together to provide patrons with an excellent experience. 
     There were many visitors among the diners and I heard nothing but congratulatory remarks.  "I've never been to a church tea that was as lovely as this," commented a guest at my table.  "What an attractive space," said another.
The food was so plentiful and so tasty that many people asked for take-home containers.  They couldn't finish the amount on their plate, but they didn't want to abandon it either!


  The genealogy group came.

       The ladies took tea.
and the gentlemen too.

The production crew perfected their technique.

       We were privileged to have Elizabeth provide background music -- Some background!  She played Beethoven!

      I didn't get pictures of all the "behind the scenes" workers, but Darlene was in charge of the crew and brought some of her friends on board to help.  They did a terrific job.  
      Many thanks to the cooks, the bottle washers, the ticket takers, the launderers, the decorators, the advertisers, the servers and the tea pourers who combined to make the afternoon such a delight.  
   Oh yes, as well as providing a time of fun and fellowship and community, the strawberry tea was a fund-raiser for our youth who will take part in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in March 2015. The final tally isn't in yet and there are still donations coming, but it would appear the tea raised approximately $1000.00 for that project.  Well done everybody!

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