Monday, April 20, 2015

Anniversary Service

Yesterday, Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The creation of the congregation and the construction of our present building took about seven years in total, but this Sunday we remembered the exciting days when we acquired a plot of land, cleared it and put in place plans for a foundation, walls and a roof. 

The first service on our property was held outside on newly cleared land.  Lawn chairs instead of pews.  

Pick up choir

     Twenty-five years later, here we are.

 Rev. Peter Coutts, who conducted the first outdoor service, wasn't able to attend, but clergy, past and present were well represented in the pulpit and in the pews. 

  Rev. Barbara Young was the first minister "called" to the congregation.  Rev. Irwin Cunningham is our current minister.  Rev. Noel Kinnon was the first minister appointed to the church once we had our building.

Rev. David Smith and Hazel Smith "retired" to our congregation where we put them to work, grateful for the many gifts they brought from years of ministry.

Rev. John Allen, with Marjorie Allen and Edna Kinnon.  Rev. Allen, too, retired to SPPC and was frequently called upon to pinch hit in the pulpit.  
Both the Allens and the Smiths have "retired" again and moved up-Island.  We hope their present congregations allow them some time off.

Now, we wouldn't be SPPC if we didn't break bread together.   I hear one of our charter members, Eileen Enns, shamelessly exploited her relatives to provide a catered lunch with a beautiful cake. 

Russ (left) was chairman of the building committee when work began.

Jean (seated left) is our clerk of session.  Frank (right) is an elder.
Non-founding members keep our church growing and our fellowship strong.

These people just like to eat.
 Wasn't that a party!

Thanks to all the organizers, caterers, cleaner-uppers and "all the saints" who made SPPC a reality and today's party such a success.

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