Monday, April 27, 2015

We knew you when . . .

     We bid adieu to one of the saints in our congregation this week.  It was a joyful service, for our sister knew she was going home.  In fact, she wrote the service herself, and left strict instructions with those partaking not to go on too long "and bore all those lovely people."
    I wasn't bored as I listened to stories of a life well-lived.  My greatest regret is that I had to wait for the funeral before I learned the story of a life.  I knew, for instance, that she had worked as a missionary for many years in South and Latin America.  But I didn't know she took up painting in her retirement. 

Her pictures didn't surprise me though, for they were the autograph of someone with the biggest smile in the world and the light of God pouring through her.  
    I knew her through Bible Study and enjoyed her thoughtful questions and insights into the scriptures we read.  Of course I wasn't surprised when I saw her Bible, open on the communion table, well marked up and showing one of her favourite passages.

   I knew she loved the hymns and the choir and was always grateful for the work of the Living Flame.  What I didn't know was that she once played a mean trumpet herself, was part of a marching band and played at the Chicago World's Fair.  

Something I know that others may not is that she was a loyal reader of this blog and often sent me little thank you notes.  I'll miss that.  I'll miss her assertion that "I'm well" even as she struggled with a relentless cough and needed a walker.
    I know she was generous and gracious.  Just look at the spread that was laid out for her service.  

     My grandmother lived to a very old age.  She said, as she approached her 98th birthday that she didn't mind being old, but sometimes felt lonely because there was no one left who'd known her as a girl.  When I imagine our friend as a girl I see music and laughter.  I see dedication to her faith.
    Our friend shared her stories with family and friends-- a great gift.  And I know she followed Christ every day of her life, she prayed fervently and without ceasing.  She shared her faith and her love for God with all who came within her ken.
    And I know that she looked forward with joy to going home to the loving arms of Jesus.  Farewell, dear friend.  We'll see you again, "Beyond the Sunset."


  1. Good report Alice, thank go sharing it all.

  2. The above should read, thanks for sharing it all.
    I should have previewed it before posting it.