Monday, June 22, 2015

The Picnic

The church picnic marks the end of the Sunday School for the summer.  And the end of the school year, means we have a graduation ceremony. Having reached the age of ten and been a faithful attender at Sunday School, Peter was the proud recipient of a Bible on Sunday morning.
Peter's presentation Bible
 Then it was off to the picnic.

And what's a picnic without races?

Losers and winners got wet.
Three legged race

Water balloon toss.

An impromptu race.

   Before we celebrate the end of school, it is usual to write an exam on the year's work.  Since this blog would never set an exam for anyone, I'm grateful to Rebekah and Benjamin for sharing their impressions of this year's work in the intermediate class.

This year we have worked on three different books.  We started the year by finishing a workbook on Jonah.  Once we had finished that, we moved onto a book called God, Up Close and Personal.  It is a book on writing journal entries and studying passages.  In this book we studied Philippians.  For the last part of the year, we have been doing a workbook on Esther and standing up against peer pressure.  I feel like I have learned a lot and will continue to use my knowledge of the Bible and what I learned throughout the summer.
                                                                      by Rebekah 

  At the beginning of the year we finished our work book on the book of Jonah.  After we had finished, we had a workbook called God, Up Close and
Personal In which we read Philippians and Ephesians and learned about the whole armour of God.  Later on in the year we started a workbook in which we are reading the book of Esther and learning what to do with peer pressures.                             by Benjamin

 There was a penalty for taking out Abigail.  Every race needs an unexpected obstacle.

 We had a great day.  My thanks to Rebekah and Benjamin and I hope all the Sunday School teachers and all the Sunday School students have a wonderful summer. 

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