Monday, September 14, 2015

Back to Work

  If the change in the weather wasn't enough to signal the end of summer, the list of activities at SPPC should.  It's clear that we're all in back-to-work mode.  On Sunday morning the choir was gowned up and in its place.  They presented an anthem and an offertory, so that means they were at work on Thursday as well.

   Speaking of Thursday, I dropped by the church early and found a good turn out at the Thursday coffee fellowship meeting.  Thanks to Brian and Vivian for carrying on with that ministry when the previous hosts retired.  

   During the Sunday morning service, we commissioned our Sunday School teachers for the new year.  Classes began right away.  We are so fortunate to have faithful leaders who give up their own worship time in order to teach youth classes.  We wish the whole Sunday School a happy, productive and blessed year.  By the way, adult Bible Study classes begin toward the end of this month.


The silent auction began Sunday as well.  During the coffee hour we were able to study the items on offer and write down a bid.  (I bid on several items, but you can come in during the week and outbid me. Sad smileSad smile  Isn't this fun?)
 The auction continues all week and will end next Sunday with a pot luck lunch after service.  I noticed Felicity in the kitchen doing dishes.  I'm sure she'll be very relieved when the dishwasher is either replaced or repaired.


  Finally, also on Sunday, we were treated to a concert by Larry's string quartet, the Die Mahler String Quartet.  

   Whew!  As I said, we're back at work.

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