Monday, September 21, 2015

Auction Fever

 There's something about an auction that brings out the competitive spirit.  Last week, there were only a few bids on the items displayed about the Molloy Hall.  Today, the sheets filled up.  There was a puzzle maven in our midst who raised the bidding to new heights. 
  Despite his best efforts, I did manage to secure a couple of puzzles for myself.  I also had the winning bid on a pair of exquisitely cross-stitched hand towels.  They'll look very elegant in my guest bathroom.
  This hand-sewn quilt was a prize worth having.  The lady with the winning bid asked me to be sure to take its picture.
 I featured it last week but it's worth a second look.  Truly lovely.

   The excitement around the auction nearly eclipsed the treasures on the pot luck table -- nearly but not quite.  This congregation does enjoy breaking bread together.
   For those with enquiring minds, these mouth-watering brownies were made with zucchini!  Don't tell the children, they hate vegetables.

  There was food enough to go around.  

But it seems we ran out of table space.   Benjamin, all alone at the "kids" table.

Not to forget the purpose of the exercise, which was to raise funds to replace/repair the dishwasher.  Hence our faithful Felicity in the kitchen.
 Preliminary reports say the event earned approximately seven hundred dollars.  Well done everyone.
  Now, I'm off to work on a puzzle.

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