Monday, November 2, 2015

Thick Socks

Sunday marked the end of our "Warm Toes" sock drive.  As we do every October, the congregation donated new, heavy socks and small toiletries for folk living on the street.  This year we collected 112 pairs of socks, 9 bags of toiletries and 1 bag of mitts and scarves.  They will be given to The Dandelion Society and Rev. Al Tysick for distribution.  The Dandelion works with the most vulnerable among the people who live on the street.
   Most of us take dry socks and warm feet for granted.  If we occasionally get wet and cold in the garden or on the golf course, we can hurry inside, change our socks and warm up.  For those living on the street that option is not available.  Wet, cold feet is a constant in their lives.

    Studies have shown that worn out footwear and damp socks contribute to the general misery of life without a home.  Frostbite and hypothermia, arthritis, wounds and bruises, skin lesions, toenail infections, trench foot, calluses, warts, corns, ingrown nails, exacerbation of mild illnesses resulting in hospital visits.  These are some of the conditions that can be alleviated by a pair of clean, dry, socks.
   There are many reasons for homelessness, among them addiction, mental illness, poverty and abuse.  The issue is pervasive and chronic, especially in Victoria.  There are many agencies seeking to improve the situation by providing housing, medical and dental care, and mental health facilities.  These are large goals.  Goals that take time and money and organization.

   But for those on the street, suffering now, a pair of warm socks is a simple, affordable and immediate remedy.  Thanks for the socks, SPPC, and thanks to the Dandelion Society for handing them on.

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