Monday, April 18, 2016

What Does Church Look Like?

Since the formation of the Malahat South Mission Study Team, we've been imagining what church might look like.  

For most of us, it looks like this. 

For others, it looks like this.

It could look like  this. 

Or this.

                                                     Or this. 

Or even this

While we consider and seek and pray about what our church might look like in the future, here's a little lesson, as told to the children by my favourite anonymous source.  

The Man who built a Cathedral

Once upon a time a king asked one of his subjects to build a cathedral for him. The king gave the man a large sum of money, but, as the man left the palace, he saw a poor woman with several children and they were hungry so he gave her some of the money.
He saw a beggar man who needed clothes and shoes and he continued to help many more poor people.
Some time later the king asked the man how the work was going. Very well he replied - but he needed more money. He did the same with it as before and he kept coming back to the king for more money.
Finally the king demanded to see how the building was coming on. “Where is my cathedral” he asked.
“It is being built in heaven” the man replied.
At first the king was angry but, being a good man, he understood and realized that this was much better than a monument on earth.
Are we building something beautiful in heaven?
By being kind and thoughtful,
 by loving people and helping them

Jesus said “Don’t store up treasure on earth because it will rust or the moths will eat it. Store up your treasure in 
heaven.”  Matt. 6: 19-20

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