Monday, May 16, 2016

Let the Sun Shine In

You may have noticed we're a little sunnier at SPPC these days.  That may be because of our sparkling personalities or our Christian love for one another, or it may just be the thinning of trees around the church building.

We have a peculiar arrangement with regards to the forest behind our church.  We own it, but we have a covenant with the airport authority that they look after it.  The airport has a vested interest in our trees because they effect the operation of the runways.  It is vital to the safe operation of the airport, that no trees be allowed to reach above a certain height if they are in line with the flight paths.  As it turns out, our forest is in line with a flight path.  So, this past few weeks, workers have been thinning our forest of mature trees, topping some that are too tall, planting some new ones and removing the ivy that threatens the health of the woods.

The result is a more open, park-like forest, plenty of sunshine on our windows, and lots and lots of firewood.
 Stay tuned for more information in that subject.  In the meantime, enjoy a stroll in our beautiful forest and bask in the sunshine.  

Don't forget about the Christian love thing, either.  It will brighten your day and the world around you.

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