Monday, May 23, 2016

How We Got the Bible

  Pop Quiz

1.How many books are in the Bible?

2.How many human authors wrote the books of the Bible?

a.Fewer than 10
b.Between 10 and 25
c.At least 40
d.More than 100

3.What do we call the original manuscripts of the Bible?                       __________________

4.How many original manuscripts of the Bible survive today?

5.In what language(s) was the Old Testament originally written?

6.In what language was the New Testament originally written?

7.What do we call the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament?__________________________________

8.When did mass printing of Bibles begin?
  a. Before AD 300
   b. Around AD 650
   c. After AD 1400
   d.  After AD 1750

9.How many ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament exist?
   a. Fewer than 1000
   b. Between 1000 and 2500
   c. Between 2500 and 5000
  d.  More than 5000

10.Who is known as the "father of the English Bible"?

     That is how we began Bible Study this week.  I don't think any of us scored 100%.  

     Our Bible study for the next few weeks will be more "about" the Bible, than the Bible itself.  As Christians we claim scripture is God-breathed, that it is authoritative, that it is the Word of God, that God is revealed in its pages.   But how do we know that?  Did God dictate the ancient texts to Jewish scribes?  Did some scholar one day find the complete manuscript in a library?  Just where did our present-day Bible come from?  Who decided what books to include and what to omit?  Why?
     These and other questions will be discussed and answered in the next six sessions of Bible Study.  

    So, how did you do on the quiz?  Want to know the answers?  Come to Bible Study, Wednesdays at 9:30 am or 7:00 pm.  You don't have to reveal your score.


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