Monday, July 18, 2016

The importance of Today

This week I'm drawing on my favourite anonymous source for inspiration.  Since it's summer, and 'the livin' is easy' I though we could do with a reminder of the importance of each day.  Whether we're at work, on vacation, at school or at camp, each day is drawn from our bank of time.  How we spend it is up to us, but once it's gone, we won't get it back again.
    The message below was used as a children's story.

The importance of today

Another week has gone by - seven days since last week. Do you think you will ever have that week again? 
No, it is gone for ever.
Look at this match - I’ll strike it. Now I will blow it out.
 Suppose I say to the match“Get unburned!” Isn’t that silly? I can’t possibly replace the part that has burned out. I’ll never be able to strike this match again
Now I’m sorry I struck it. I wish I had waited until tomorrow.  Is that going to replace the match? No. 
Or maybe I could just think I didn’t use the match. Is refusing to think about it going to change the fact it is burned?
It’s done and there is nothing I can do about it.  I should have thought about this before striking the match.

Life is like the match. Once a day is over you cannot live it again. Do you see how important it is for us as Christians to live for Jesus Christ every day? Being sorry for mistakes may teach you a lesson but it will not let you live the time over again.

We must all form the habit of asking Jesus every morning to help us live that day for Him and make it count for Him. In that way you will be able to do things for Him and you will have no regrets about the way you have lived. Ask Him and He will guide you.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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