Monday, September 12, 2016

Parking Lot Club

The Parking Lot Club got off to a rousing start on Saturday afternoon.  There was a very enthusiastic ball hockey game -- Tore has a bruise to prove it --
there was a combination volleyball/badminton game and I understand some little girls went exploring in our woods, apparently looking for fairies.

   There was lots of good food, junk food, and cookies (not junk food!)  

There was loud music.(We thought it only fair to include the neighbours even if they couldn't attend in person.)

   We collected names and phone numbers and lots of "Let us know when you're doing it again."  Over the next couple of weeks the organisers will determine the time that suits the most people the best and we'll make the parking lot club a weekly event.

    Wonderful to see our space put to good use.  I heard something I'd never experienced before -- a child wanting to stay longer at church when his parents said it was time to go home.
   Watch this space, read the bulletin, or call the church(250 656-2241) for more information.  Hope to see you at the next parking lot event.

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