Monday, January 9, 2017

A Bible and a Hockey Stick

I had a chuckle last week when Tore said he wanted to stop by the church to pick up a Bible and a hockey stick.  the pairing seemed incongruous, but on further consideration, I thought "a Bible and a hockey stick" was a great metaphor for life at SPPC.
 The Bible is our foundation, our model for life.  We study it in class on Wednesdays, read from it in worship on Sundays, and use its precepts and examples in the choices we make every day.  

   The hockey stick represents our work outside of Sunday mornings.  We seek to serve our community, whether with a hockey stick or a service at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, or sponsorship of a baseball team, or a collection of warm clothing for the needy.

   Jesus' ministry included study and interpretation of The Law, debate with the pharisees and discussion with his disciples on God's plan for man's salvation.  It also included turning water into wine so that wedding guests could celebrate, feeding the five thousand who were hungry, healing the lame man and making breakfast for Peter, James and John and other disciples.
   A hockey stick and a Bible.  Good example of Christian living 

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