Monday, April 3, 2017

PLC Round Up

by Felicity Smith

On Friday March 10th the Parking Lot Club (PLC) hosted a Pasta dinner and move night, featuring ‘Despicable Me’. The families that attend the PLC were invited as well as members of the congregation to join us, hoping to join the two together. SPPC has greatly supported the growth of the PLC for the last six months since we began but not many members of the congregation had yet had a chance to meet many of the kids Al and I see and interact with every week. The invite for the dinner was well received by both parties and we had a total attendance of just over 50 people. About a dozen of the boys that attend PLC joined us for the evening. They all gathered at the back table for dinner and to my surprise, they were the quietest group there, sitting and chatting amongst each other until it was time for the movie.

The last couple of weeks the weather has allowed us to bring our activities outside, and even get the BBQ out! We have lots of new plans for the PLC this summer; new sports, new activities, special outings and hopefully another dinner for the families and congregation. We are very excited to see what the next couple of months have in store for the PLC as we enter the summer season.

Thanks to everyone for the continuous thoughts and prayers, they are greatly appreciated. 

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