Monday, July 3, 2017

School's Out

 Well, not school exactly, but the choir is enjoying that "end of term" feeling.  Although we love to sing, we're happy to be in a church choir, Thursday night practice is a joyful time and Sunday worship is made more meaningful with music, the members of the choir still need a break.  We're not on vacation until September.   
      There will be solos, duets, etc. over the summer so the congregation won't be deprived of a musical offering during the worship service, but as a group, we're having a little R&R.  To celebrate, we went out to dinner.  We chose the Chinese buffet since it's convenient, everyone can take whatever they like, and payment is uncomplicated.  Plus, we get to socialize a lot!
      Our ranks have been depleted this year, so anyone who thinks he/she "might" like to join the choir, please stop thinking about it and "just do it."  As a reward you get a great view of the congregation during service, you get to wear that lovely polyester robe, and sit close to the preacher during the sermon.  You also get to watch Larry making faces.   And . . . you get to go to all our parties.
  Happy summer everyone, especially the choir.  See you all in September.

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