Monday, August 21, 2017

Mixed Emotions

Wednesday afternoon we experienced a text book case of "mixed emotions" at SPPC.  Our friend, mentor, fellow traveller, and example, Edna, has decided to leave our fellowship.  Not because she doesn't like us any more, but in order to be closer to her family in Ontario.  We couldn't let her go with a celebration, of all that she has meant to us and all that we hope for her, but the celebration was tinged with heavy hearts.  
Bin-Sie  paying tribute

We wish you all that is good, Edna, health, relationships, a loving congregation, and steadfast faith.  We will miss you in so many ways -- your departure leaves gaping holes in the fabric of our congregation -- but we thank God for the time you spent with us and we know He will uphold you and give you meaningful work in your new church. 

Edna responds

Janet presents a gift from SPPC

God speed
We wave farewell with much love
 and gratitude.

The Congregation at SPPC.  

Lots and lots of food

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