Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas and Food

In my world, Christmas is associated with lots of company and feasting.  It seems my church, Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian, shares that culture.  We have cookies with coffee hour after service every Sunday. 

On Monday, the Sunshine lunch bore a Christmas theme and special goodies for the season.  This is a wonderful ministry in our church, designed to give those who are single, whether by choice or through bereavement, an opportunity to share a meal together.  One of the great, hidden sorrows of our culture is loneliness.  The Sunshine lunch is a great antidote.  Rides are provided for those who no longer drive.  Thank you to the faithful crew of volunteers who cater this event.

On Sunday afternoon, there was a Christmas tea.  This is part of the fundraising drive for the Mission to the Dominican Republic in the spring.
  This time the volunteers served high tea, complete with three tier serving dishes and fine china.  Who needs the Empress when we can enjoy such festivities at home?  And the money raised goes to a good cause.  

Next Sunday, Dec. 17, we'll participate in another favourite tradition, carol singing.  Come and bring your friends, lift your voices and sing out the joy of Christmas.  The music starts at 2:00 pm and we promise not to keep you for more than an hour.  There will be hot apple cider and shortbread afterwards, if you wish to linger.  So there we are, back to festive goodies, again. 

Many bemoan the extra calories consumed over the Christmas season and gyms are full of those with good intentions at the beginning of January.  But I make no apology for associating special foods the the celebration of Christmas.  After all, food unites and strengthens a community, providing a common identity among those gathered at the table.  Good food is best enjoyed as a shared experience, its the social glue that binds families and friends and, yes, strangers together in a common event.  Even Christ spent his last moments with the disciples sharing a common meal, on the special occasion of Passover.
So eat heartily, sing lustily and give thanks for the privilege of sharing food and fellowship.


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