Monday, March 12, 2018

Therefore Go

On Sunday the congregation commissioned a team of three to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  This is the second such adventure for our church, the first being three years ago.  

The team expressed gratitude for the financial support they've received.  Fundraising for the past several months has included a silent auction, bottle drive and soup sales.  The soup sales were so popular they may continue as a service to the congregation.

The minimum amount for sending our representatives was quickly achieved and the excess funds used for gear.  In addition to their own luggage, each team member is taking an extra suitcase for a total of 1200 lbs in medical and school supplies for the House Upon the Rock mission.

Now that the physical and financial requirements are taken care of, we still have another task.  The team asks for our support in prayer as they carry out their mission.  The first hurdle will be getting all those goods through customs, so Diane made a request for a special prayer on Monday morning to help them deal with customs officers.

There is a poster in the narthex with prayer reminders.  We are asked to take one of the tags each week and hang it someplace prominent to remind us to pray each day for the team and their work.  

As Rev. Irwin reminded us, commission means co - mission.  Diane, Joan and Rebekah are in the Dominican Republic as a physical representation of SPPC.  The congregation at home is still part of the mission.  Please hold these members in your hearts and in your prayers, until we welcome them home just in time for Easter.  Matt 28: 18-20

Waiting at the airport, all set to go, Sunday night at 8:30 pm.

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