Monday, April 16, 2018

Vision 20/20

Sunday morning Roy gave a presentation on Vision 20/20.  This is an initiative from Session aimed at charting a course for the future for SPPC.  Roy called it "looking forward" with the hope that the finished product could also be called "forward looking."

All institutions, including the church, need to examine themselves from time to time to ensure they are relevant to the time and place they inhabit.  A strong church community that seeks to grow the Kingdom of God is always relevant but we can examine the tools we use to achieve that purpose and see if there are better ways.

One of the areas Session has considered,  and asks the congregation to consider as well, is transitions.  The demographic of our community at large and our church in particular is aging.  Eventually we are all going to face a transition from:

  • Good health --- not so good health
  • Life Partner ---- no partner
  • Mobility -------- poorer mobility
  • Independence --- more dependence
  • Confidence/Security -- less confident/secure
  • All these transitions are difficult
As our congregation looks for ways to minister to our own members and to those outside our membership, discussion and assistance with these transitions may be an opportunity for service.

The congregation also needs to consider the question of who and when.  Session cannot implement a new direction, no matter how positive, without the support and commitment of individual congregants.  Now is the time to share that great idea you've been pondering for the past little while.  Now is the time to volunteer your time and talent.  Even if your circumstances limit your physical abilities, Session craves your prayers.  They are always possible -- and powerful.

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