Monday, June 11, 2018

The Anchor

Thanks to Judith for this week's post.

What a beautiful day it was.  We left a harbour and headed out to sea.  The ocean was calm, with gentle rolling waves.  However, as the day wore on the rollers started showing a bit of a white cap and we knew it was going to get rougher.  
     Our chart showed a small semi-protected cove not too far away that had an anchorage.  We set our course for there, but the going was hard.  By the time we reached the anchorage, it was just about dark.  As we didn't have radar, we eased our way in carefully, watching for other anchored vessels.  
     Hooray!  We found a spot to moor, without swinging into another vessel.  We heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the anchor.
     We spent a miserable night, rocking and rolling.  It felt like morning would never come.  At the break of day, we gave thanks that our anchor had held all through the night, keeping us, and the boats around us, safe.  

     Remembering that particular journey, I got to thinking about the anchor, plus the line and chain attached to it, and how they had held us to the bottom of the cove we were in. Our safety had depended upon that piece of equipment, and it had held fast.
     I wondered, what anchor am I attached to in my life?  A house? A bank account? Things? Relationships? Family?  Is my anchor secure? Will it keep me safe through the storm?
     I came to the conclusion that all those anchors and lines and chains will let me drift if I'm not anchored to Christ, my Saviour.  He keeps me fastened safe to Himself and I never have to worry about drifting onto the rocks, maybe some close calls, but always anchored.

Will Your Anchor Hold in the Storms of Life?

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