Monday, March 4, 2019

For the gardeners among us, this cold, snow-laden February has been a trial. By the end of the month, I should have had my roses pruned, the fruit trees pruned and doused with dormant spray. 
The crocus would
March 2018
ordinarily have laid a blanket of colour under the birch tree. 
Warm weather would  have had me itching to get seed in the ground, or at least in the cold frame.        Given the weather this past month 
none of that has happened. Even the geraniums in my planter boxes are hiding in a styrofoam box to shelter them from the frost.
  The gardening columnist in the local paper acknowledged that the season was a month late and warned that gardeners needed to be ready to leap into action the minute the soils warms up--and the snow goes away!
  At SPPC we might not be “leaping” into action with the warm weather, but we are moving forward with “Beyond 20/20.” The prayer team has posted prayer requests for the work of the church.  (See here for more details.) 
  The transitions team has already provided assistance to people dealing with major life changes, like illness or grief. Our medical system has many helps for those who need home care, or re-housing, or a support group, but sometimes those aids are difficult to find. We have people at SPPC who have experience in hospital and community settings. Their knowledge can make a huge difference in negotiating the ins and outs of different types of care. If you are reading this post and are not a member of SPPC but would appreciate some help, please ask. The church is a “light for the world” not a private club.
  The in-reach team is looking for blanks in the services we offer to our members. One of the easily identified needs is a ride to church. As people age, they often must give up driving. Located as we are in the countryside, SPPC has a big parking lot. We recognize that most people will drive to get to us.  There is a bus now, that stops at the roundabout outside the church, but bus schedules don’t always match personal schedules. So, we have a number of volunteer drivers to help out. Again, if you wish to attend service or some other event at SPPC but need a ride, let us know. 250 656-2241.We’re glad to help.
 The out-reach team is looking for new opportunities to serve the community. Of course, many of our regular programs are open to non-member,e.g. Friendship coffee on Thursday mornings, Bible Study on Wednesdays, and a sympathetic ear any time. Pastoral office hours are Thursday and Friday mornings.
  So, the weatherman promises that spring will come. I have my seeds ready, my pruners sharpened and my garden plan drawn out.  When the soil warms, I’m ready. 
  At SPPC we have our helpers standing by. We’ve asked God for guidance, and we sincerely desire to serve our neighbours. The season is now.

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