Monday, April 8, 2019

April Showers

Not rain showers, but showers of blessing.
On the last Saturday of March, SPPC reached out to the community by hosting a Food Safe Level 1 course put on by VIHA. There were over twenty attendees, about 1/3 from SPPC and the rest from the area. Linda Cliff was there and sends this report.

The by-line for this course is Food Safe: Makes Good Food Better.  Health Canada estimates that more than 4 million Canadians surer from foodborne illness every year.    So you may ask: Does the course deliver? Why should someone who does not work in the food industry take the course? Has my behaviour around handling food changes?

The course does meet the objectives of describing the food handler’s responsibility in protecting food from contamination, the course also helps the participants to identify major improper food handling practices that can cause food borne illness outbreaks, it also describes how to serve food safely, wash your hands and clean dishes properly.These are the aspects of the course that are important to those of us who serve food in the non- commercial system.  There is also information given for those who will be working in the restaurant system and highlights the laws and practices that are required to meet provincial and federal laws.  After learning of all the regulations and practices that are required by commercial establishments I know I would think twice before opening a restaurant.  So we should really appreciate all that the staff must do to serve us food that is safe and fun to eat.
What did I learn?  First of all wash your hands, wash your hands.  Food is most often contaminated by people who have improperly washed their hands.  Also to store food safely before it is served.  Along with this is the need for a good food thermometer.  Hot food must reach an internal temperature of 74 degrees Celsius to destroy food pathogens and must not fall below 60 degrees Celsius if it is being served in a Buffet.  If you are unsure of the safety of food it should be discarded, which we may be reluctant to do.   The principals we learned at the course are adaptable to your home kitchen especially the information at about internal food temperature.  A course participant told me that since they have bought a good thermometer, they find their food tastes better as they are no longer overcooking their meals.

Yes my behaviour has changed.  I look at the church kitchen with new eyes, I have a good food thermometer and I wash my hands, wash my hands.    

Our congregation is blessed with many, many April birthdays, including the minister and the clerk of session. On Sunday we had cake for all of them. It was very tasty!

Finally, I was reminded that I hadn't posted the answers for the hymn quiz from two weeks ago. Here they are with links to video performances. You'll notice some aren't sung to the tunes in our hymnbook, but they are lovely. Give them a listen.

1)All things bright and beautiful
2)For the beauty of the earth
3)This is my Father's world
4) From Ocean Unto Ocean
5)For the fruit of His creation
6) Morning has broken


8)Praise my soul, the King of heaven
9)Fairest Lord Jesus
10) God who touches earth with beauty.

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  1. Might I make one correction, the course was put on by Alert First-Aid not VIHA as mentioned in the blog.

    Thanks too for the answers to the hymns, much appreciated.