Monday, September 23, 2019

Bible Study with a Twist

Bible Study begins this week, but it will be a little different from our usual sessions. With Rev. Irwin on leave, the students are in charge of the classroom. This is not an opportunity to throw spit-balls. Rather, it is an invitation to take part in the study as part-owner, sort of like a Bible study cooperative.

We'll use a video-based approach starting with "The Lives of the Apostles Paul and Peter." The film is hosted by Rick Steeves.
Rick Steeves! I never knew he did Bible based programs, is the usual reaction when I mention this. However, rest assured, he has -- and very well, too. Follow the link above to see a brief preview.
If you want to get a headstart, read chapters 13, 14 and 15 in the Book of Acts. 
Don't worry if you haven't had time to do the reading. Come anyway.

Many of us have been in Rev. Irwin's Bible study class for years. At the end of each session he inevitably reminds us that Biblical knowledge is not to be hoarded, it is meant to be shared.  
This is an opportunity to share in a very safe environment. 
Whether you're a theological scholar or someone exploring the Bible for the first time, please join us. You are very welcome. 
There will be coffee.
Wed. at 9:30 am at Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church, 9296 E. Saanich Rd. N. Saanich. For more information call the church office at 250 656-2241.


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