Monday, November 25, 2019

Report on Bible Study

This week marks the end of our current Bible Study, A Brief Survey of the Bible. There has been lots of positive feedback. The group enjoyed the presentations by John Walton, with his deep love of the Old Testament. We've been inspired by the enthusiasm of New Testament professor, Mark Strauss. 
And we've read! Chapters and chapters and chapters of both testaments. For some it has been the first time they've looked at certain passages, for others it has been a review of old favourites. For all of us it has been a journey of discovery.

We began this study by default, since Rev. Irwin was on sick leave in the fall and many of us Bible Study regulars wanted to continue to meet together. Fortunately, our minister has recovered and has been able to sit in on the last few sessions. Having him available to answer questions as they arise has added tremendously to our experience.
We're coming into December now, so there will be no more Wednesday Bible Study until after Christmas.

On January 15, we will meet at the usual time to discuss a book "If
You Want to Walk on Water you have to get out of the boat."  Linda recommended this book and wrote a blog on it earlier in the year. She will lead the discussion group. Anyone who wants a copy of the book to read can get it by contacting the SPPC office at 250 656-2241

After that -- who knows? The "Brief Survey" raised lots of topics which could be explored in the new year.  Stay tuned for updates.

P.S. Reading through the Bible once is only the beginning. Go back and read again the beautiful parts as a balm to your soul. Re-read the hard parts to enlarge your understanding. Look again at the commandments to encourage you in faithful living. It is a Good Book.
The DVD of "A Brief Survey" will be in our church library

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