Monday, December 23, 2019

Joy and Love

Happy Birthday to Don. Beautiful cake too!

The third Sunday of Advent is Joy.
A few extra lights to brighten the darkness

The fourth Sunday of Advent is Love
Our Advent lighting is complete

Last week's blog was very long so some events received only a short paragraph. This week, I'm making up for that.

On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 15, Love and Joy pervaded our sanctuary and our hearts. We shared music, fellowship and food with the Jesus is Lord Congregation. We are so happy they've been able to use our sanctuary on Sunday evenings and they are so happy to have a place to worship. 

This Sunday we lit the fourth candle
of Advent. In the afternoon we assisted
with a worship service at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital leading in carol singing.
We had a larger than usual crowd and many happy faces. Christmas carols seem to touch our souls in a special way, evoking memories of happy times, family and loving friends. They make us smile and shake hands and rejoice, regardless of our circumstances.

Music is a gift we celebrate at SPPC, especially at Christmas time.
On Christmas Eve we'll enjoy another time of carols and readings and candlelight.
Plenty of free parking. Enjoy a hot drink and a shortbread cookie.

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