Monday, February 10, 2020

Vision 2020 Prayer Team

One of the groups involved in SPPC's Vision 2020 is a Prayer Team. The purpose of this team has been both to pray and to look for ways to engage our community with prayer. 

This week we launch our first prayer campaign to seek the prayers of the people for our individual  spiritual growth, for our spiritual growth as a congregation, for growth into our community and for our denomination.

Helen Ewing was wearing her family motto in a beautiful brooch last Sunday. We asked her what it said and she told us "ora et labora" This translates to "pray and work." What a great thing to do! It is now our time to work and pray. 

We have made prayer bookmarks for people to take home as guidelines for praying for our faith and our church. Here is the comprehensive list of the prayers

The bookmarks are available in the narthex. 

As well as the launch of the prayer campaign, last Sunday saw the congregation treated to a free lunch.

Thanks to Barb and her cousins! (Does that sound like Gilbert and Sullivan chorus?" 
 It was a lovely gesture and much appreciated. This congregation does enjoy "breaking bread" together.

with notes from Diane Cunningham
photos from Janet Smith and Rebekah Cunningham

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