Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter 2020

Sunrise Service 2018
The very first post on this blog was of the Easter sunrise service in Cy Hampson park, 2010.
Each year since, I've posted the pictures from our sunrise service.

The photos for 2020 are different, but it is still Easter Sunday and the sun did rise. 

Every year we have had a visit from a little bird. It sits in this tree.

I waited and waited, but the tree remained without its songster. Maybe it was waiting for the congregation to start singing. Still, I heard lots of birdsong and this fellow showed up on a different tree. 
As well as the singing of birds, I heard the gentle plash of waves lapping the shore.
It was a beautiful morning. Considering all the years we've stood in the rain, this lovely morning when we could not gather in person seemed ironic.

When I came home, we ate pancakes for breakfast then went to virtual church. Thank you, Rev. Irwin, for all your work in keeping us connected and at a distance.

Christ is Risen
He is risen indeed

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