Monday, December 21, 2020

More Memories

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My request for memories of past Christmases went to a number of the congregation. Some answered right away, some took a while, and some are still to come, (I hope.)

Here's a selection of this week's memories.

From Gladys: 

Good morning Alice:  I think this will be the most memorable Christmas for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's look back to the good times, and look ahead for more to come.  God willing!    

From Al and Irene:  

Our family loves Christmas! Making memories has always been an important part of our Christmas activities.

One of our fondest memories is when our children were young. Our annual trip to a Forest Reserve where we could cut down a tree, chosen by the children in -35C. weather. After trudging through six feet of snow back to the parking lot, we gathered around a bonfire to roast wieners and marshmallows served with hot chocolate. you can appreciate getting the fire started with wet branches was no easy feat either!

Our first Christmas on the Island left quite an impression as well. We moved on December 17, 2012 to a nearly empty house. Our kids and grandkids all came home a week later. We had no furniture except for a card table and four chairs. Somehow we managed to put up a tree and we all sat around on the floor playing games, eating and listening to Christmas music. This lasted for a week! It was quite hilarious but a wonderful family time which none of us will ever forget!

Slide shows of our many Christmases past have become a much anticipated and appreciated part of our more recent celebrations. We all look forward to resuming these after Covid19.

From Kay:

  One year, shortly after we'd moved our here, we decided to surprise the family and show up at Syl's sister's place in Toronto. We arrived just in time for dinner on Christmas Day. Boy, were they surprised to see us! There was plenty of food -- it was Christmas after all -- and we tucked in at the table. I remember the candied yams were the best I'd ever tasted. Laughter, food, family -- a great Christmas memory. 

Noel had more anecdotes to relate about Christmas at SPPC:

Just before Christmas at SPPC circa 1993 he was dealing with a horde of children in the Sunday School, ready to put on the Christmas pageant. At that time the roles of Joseph and Mary were played by adults and the children did everything else. Also, in those days, Noel did double duty in the pulpit and the choir. The dual roles kept him hopping. So, when the man (a pilot) playing Joseph got a call to work just before show time Noel was in a panic thinking he'd have to preach, sing AND get into costume. To his great relief he has an ace for a son-in-law. Yvon stepped into the breach and played the role of Joseph, leaving Noel with only two other responsibilities.

Also at SPPC, during the practice for yet another Christmas pageant all the little angels were lined up and recited the line "and the angel said onto them," when a little voice piped up with "I need to go to the bathroom."  --A memorable announcement! 

Thanks to everyone for sharing their Christmas memories. I've got some more coming next week. Meanwhile here's a photo of one of my Christmases in Ontario. 


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