Monday, August 1, 2016

Sun Stand Still

reviewed by Ruth Rockliff

If you are looking for an easy to read yet truly inspirational Christian book, Steven Furtick will not disappoint you. Reading 'Sun Stand Still' will change the way you think of God in today's world.
 Believing God for the impossible and living your faith beyond the ordinary is what Steven Furtick calls audacious faith. He not only preaches it but he lives it.    What God did for Joshua .... made the sun stand still!! .... he can do for you if you have the audacity to ask.   God desires to see the sun stand still over all the impossible needs in your life. 

Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the ten fastest growing churches in North American. Through trusting God and asking for the seemingly impossible he gave up everything and moved his family and seven other families to start a church. What started out slow and scary turned out to be a true miracle of God. Thousands line up every Sunday to hear God's message. Do not be deceived this book  ‎is not about getting all snug and feeling good. It's a super challenge to pray unstoppable prayers and believe in our God to do more than you can imagine. 
‎This book is biblically based. It has sound theology. It is not for the weak who want easy answers. To see the sun stand still in your life and reconnect with your true God-sized purpose and potential Steven Furtick calls us to start living our life of faith beyond the ordinary.  
I challenge you to read it. You will not be the same. It changed my prayer life and dug deep into the roots of my faith. Christians should be unstoppable we have a great and powerful God!!!!              

      If you want a copy I have a number of books available for purchase. I bought bulk to get a discount on the price. Perhaps people who read this book may want to get together in small groups to talk about it.  
Thank you for reading my review. Ruth Rockliff                                                   

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