Monday, May 27, 2019

Sunday's theme was missionaries.  When I was a kid, I believed the only way to be a missionary was to go to Africa. I had a schoolmate who did just that, spending thirty years working in Kenya. In my little one room country school house it seemed as though she'd stepped off the edge of the world. 
Modern day missionaries usually have access to modern technology so even those who go to undeveloped parts of the world, can be in almost instant contact with their supporters in Canada. But even in those circumstances, being a foreign missionary requires dedication and sacrifice. At SPPC we support many mission causes but we have a particular affinity for the House Upon the Rock in the Dominican Republic. 

In the past we have sent two teams of workers there. We receive regular reports on the mission and on the people who work and live there. It seems fitting then, on missionary Sunday, that a fund-raiser for special missions was on the schedule. Diane and Darlene and Joan and Irene have been baking and roasting and pureeing for several weeks.
The fruits of their labours were available for pick-up after service. Many of our congregants live alone so single serving goodies like soup and cottage pie and date squares are greatly appreciated. In this case, serving a foreign mission field and helping close to home coincide.
Speaking of close to home, on Sunday afternoon our congregation conducted a worship service at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. Contrary to my childhood view of missionaries, we can just go down the road to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and bring comfort and joy. For folk living within the confines of the hospital, no matter how excellent those conditions, a visit from outsiders brings a breath of fresh air. Some of the people at the service are members of our own congregation whose health has necessitated a change of residence. For those folks especially, a worship service among their old friends is a source of comfort.

It seems like coincidence that all these activities happened on the same Sunday, but perhaps God was working through the various ministries at SPPC to show us how every small act of caring can work toward His glory. 1 Peter 4:10

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