Monday, November 22, 2010

Coming Home

Yes, it does feel like coming home to be attending a Presbyterian church again—and a good reformed one at that! I started out life in a Presbyterian church--Fairview Presbyterian Church in Vancouver, to be exact. At the age of eight it was on to another reformed church, this time in Pennsylvania, where my dad had obtained the kind of job unavailable in Canada in those days. I moved back to Vancouver when I was 17, returning to my old church, marrying a Swiss several years later, and moving to Switzerland nine years later.
You don’t truly appreciate real evangelical churches until you have lived long-term on a continent which is now only nominally Christian. It becomes all too easy to give up on the state churches and succumb to the temptation of just watching services from the UK on the TV. However, this kind of compromise never compares to the joy of being in communal worship, although I was perhaps not conscious of it at the time.
We returned to Canada in the year 2000, but came to Sidney only in 2006. At the time SPPC did not have a permanent pastor (at least, that is what my sometimes faulty memory is telling me….), so I attended a church which was within walking distance of where I live. Still, I felt drawn back to my roots and am very happy to report that I have indeed come “home”. You probably didn’t even realize I was missing!

Blessings to all

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