Monday, November 8, 2010

"Listening to the Bible"

by Joan Larsen

I enjoy reading the Bible, but, because of the poor sight in my right eye,the printing in my Bible was too small. So, off I went to the Christian Book and Music Centre to get a large print Bible. WOW!!

What a variety of Bibles, with discs to go along with them. In fact, the new King James Bible has sound effects that make you think you are in a movie theatre. I decided to get the "New International Version" of the Holy Bible" and the set of discs that go with it. I then transferred the discs onto my IPad.

I thought I might as well start at Genesis, seeing it is the first book in the old testament. I was doing quite well and was fascinated with all the history. But, when I got to 2 Kings, I got bogged down. All the wars seemed to unsettle me. So, I left 2 Kings and started skipping around and only read my favorite scriptures. This was not going to work if I was planning to read the whole Bible. Finally I got a chart listing all of the books of the Bible, and how they relate to one another.

I found the best way to read was to listen to the disc, and follow along reading the Bible. This works for only a short while for me as my eyes tire easily. I then close my eyes and listen to the narrator. He has a pleasing voice with not too many inflections in it. I read some every day and I know it will take me a lot more time than it would for some others, but I will do the best I can and learn how to follow God Almighty and Jesus Christ my Saviour.

God Bless

Joan Larsen is a faithful member of SPPC. She is the former accompanist for the Living Flame (Children's Choir), takes a regular turn in the kitchen and counts Bible Study as one of the highlights of her week.


  1. You're a wonder, Joan, to be learning all this new technology. I'd like to listen to your discs one of these days.

  2. Wow, Jeff. You'll go to any lengths to tease your mother -- even read the Bible! Have you read Exodus 20:12?

  3. Alice, I have not read Exodus 20:12,; however, i do honor my mother but we can also have fun. :)