Monday, December 13, 2010

Moments from "Once Upon a Christmas"

The cobbler's shop
  Wasn't that a night! Once again, the Christmas play at SPPC brought together old and young, performers and hearers, insiders and outsiders. If you missed it, here are a few shots from "Once Upon a Christmas" by Rettke and Hatch. If you were there, thank you for your presence and enjoy the memories these pictures bring.

The Martyr and the Saint!

I plan to beat him all the way to jail!

Last minute cramming

A fire, a friend, a cup of tea -- It just might equal Christmas

Angelic carolers

Pizza time


                 Our Orchestra


Boots for the Wanderer

                          As Usual in the Kitchen

                             Stage Mom

Preparing a feast

    The Apple Seller

Yasha and carolers

Petrov and that miserable cart


On Our way to Church


  1. It was a great night! A wonderful effort made by all! An excellent way to keep the focus on Christ in the advent season. Merry Christmas.

  2. Thanks to everyone for our successful 5th annual Christmas Musical. Thanks also to our audience for with out you it would have been a real flop!
    It was a great evening and enjoyed by everyone that was involved in any capacity.

    What are we doing next year?

    Thanks also to Alice for her work on getting this blog up and running, it has been well viewed and appreciated by the comments that I have heard.

    Happy Christmas everyone.