Monday, August 15, 2011

Church Library

    SPPC is a small church, with a small church library, but within that library are some amazing resources.  Do you know that we have 30 adult dvd's, videos and cassettes, including one for country and western music lovers titled, 50 Country Gospel Songs

    If you want a different translation of the Bible, our library offers the Good News, King James, The Message and a children's edition of the New Revised Version.  The library offers 30 study guides to help you delve into those Bibles.
      There are 34 Titles listed under Christian Education, but I'm a bit nervous of the one labelled A Handbook of Skits and Stunts. 
       Under Christian Life, there are 109 titles listed, including several from the Women of Faith series.  C.S. Lewis is well represented with ten books, including The Screwtape Letters and The Problem of Pain.  I hope Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk, by Phil Callaway is not one of the stunts included in the handbook listed above.  For all you golfers, there's a biography of Payne Stewart.
       There are 46 Commentaries listed, including You Too May be a Presbyterian.  How's that for a conversation opener?
        The Adult Fiction section lists 50 titles including the whole of Jan Karon's delightful Mitford Series, as well as old stand-by's like Lloyd C. Douglas and Janette Oke.  Under Junior fiction we have 44 titles as well as 44 videos.  The ever popular Veggie Tales among them.
      The library is at the back of the Molloy Hall.  Books are shelved by section, then alphabetically by author.  Checkout and return is self-serve, just look for the blue folder. 
     So, next time you're hanging out at the church, check out the library.  You'll be amazed, enlightened, amused and informed.

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